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Here you can have a little information about my dolls. More photos you can find from my Instagram account.

Pullip Disney




Pullip Disney


From the movie Frozen

Do you want to build a snowman?
Or ride our bike around the halls?
I think some company is overdue
I've started talking to
The pictures on the walls!

  • Pullip Romantic Alice Pink ver.
  • Chips: Custom@natmdolls
  • Wig: For My Doll 1093 Soft Brown
  • SBH-M white 27cm Obitsu
  • Arrived 11.5.2018
  • Purchased as second hand
  • Cool Cat chips
  • To hair added little white part from Elsa's hair
  • Pullip Aira's eyelids
Anna ~ #pullip #PullipRomanticAlicePink #PullipRomanticAlice #Anna #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #Frozen #HuurteinenSeikkailu #Disney #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp2


From the movie The Little Mermaid

I wanna be where the people are
I wanna see, wanna see them dancin'
Walking around on those - what do you call 'em? Oh - feet!

  • Pullip Merl
  • Chips: Cool Cat
  • Wig: Leekeworld REDwave 9-10
  • SBH-S white 27cm Obitsu
  • Arrived 13.12.2018
  • Purchased as second hand
  • Mermaid latex tail made by CreaturesdeLau (Facebook, Web)
Ariel ~ #pullip #PullipMerl #Ariel #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #TheLittleMermaid #PieniMerenneito #Disney #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp2


They say if you dream a thing more than once, it's sure to come true.

  • Pullip Ha-ha
  • Wig: Leekeworld LR-119_L 9-10 GoldenRod
  • SBH-S white 27cm Obitsu
  • Arrived 19.08.2019
  • Purchased as second hand
Aurora ~ #pullip #PullipHaHa #Aurora #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #SleepingBeauty #PrinsessaRuusunen #Ruusunen #Disney #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp2


From the movie Beauty and the Beast

Tale as old as time,
song as old as rhyme

  • Pullip Karen ~ Collaboration with Gothic Lolita Bible, designed by Mitsukazu Mihara & Juliette et Justine ~
  • Chips: Cool Cat
  • Wig: Leekeworld LR-160_L 9-10
  • SBH-M white 27cm Obitsu
  • Arrived 13.12.2018
  • Purchased as second hand
Belle ~ #pullip #PullipKaren #Belle #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #BeautyandtheBeast #KaunotarjaHirviรถ #Disney #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp2


From the series Elena of Avalor

  • Pullip MIO Kit Mocha
  • Chips: Custom @natmdolls
  • Wig: Leekeworld LR-115_L ChocoBrown 9-10
  • Purchased from: Pullip Style
  • Custom made by @infinite_dusk
Elena ~ #pullip #PullipMIOKit #PullipMIOKitMocha #Elena #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #ElenaofAvalor #AvalorinElana #Disney #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp2


From the movie Cinderella

No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.

  • Pullip Dahlia Cinderella
  • Chips: Cool Cat
  • Wig: Luts DW-241 (Lemonade) 9-10
  • SBH-S white 27cm Obitsu
  • Arrived 8.9.2018
  • Purchased as second hand
  • Mary Beth Ella Gertrude
Ella ~ #pullip #PullipDahliaCinderella #Ella #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #Cinderella #Tuhkimo #Disney #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp2


From the movie Frozen

Let it go
The cold never bothered me anyway
Let it go, let it go
And I'll rise like the break of dawn
Let it go, let it go
That perfect girl is gone
Here I stand in the light of day
Let the storm rage on!

  • Pullip Aira
  • Wig: Leekeworld MR-115 EveCream 8-9
  • SBH-L white 27cm Obitsu
  • Arrived 29.6.2018
  • Purchased as second hand
  • Pullip Romantic Alice Pink version's eyelids
Elsa ~ #pullip #PullipAira #Elsa #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #Frozen #HuurteinenSeikkailu #Disney #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp2


Elokuvasta Notre Damen Kellonsoittaja

  • Pullip MIO Kit Mocha
  • Chips: Custom @natmdolls
  • Wig: Leekeworld W071_L NaturalBlack 9-10
  • Purchased from: Pullip Style
  • Custom made by @infinite_dusk
Esmeralda ~ #pullip #PullipMIOKit #PullipMIOKitMocha #Esmeralda #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #TheHunchbackofNotreDame #NotreDamenKellonsoittaja #Disney #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp2


From the movie Enchanted

  • Pullip Kiyomi
  • Chips: Cool Cat
  • Wig: Luts DW-92 (Sweety Gold) 9-10
  • SBH-S white 27cm Obitsu
  • Arrived 13.12.2018
  • Purchased as second hand
Giselle ~ #pullip #PullipKiyomi #Giselle #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #Enchanted #Lumottu #Disney #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp2

Jane Porter

From the movie Tarzan

  • Pullip Tiphona
  • Chips: Cool Cat
  • Wig: Luts DW-232 (Sienna) 9-10
  • SBH-S white 27cm Obitsu
  • Arrived 5.2.2019
  • Purchased as second hand
Jane ~ #pullip #PullipTiphona #Jane #JanePorter #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #Tarzan #Disney #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp2


From the movie Aladdin

  • Pullip Ala
  • Chips: Cool Cat
  • Wig: Leekeworld W106_L NaturalBlack 9-10
  • SBH-M white 27cm Obitsu
  • Arrived 21.1.2019
  • Purchased as second hand
Jasmine ~ #pullip #PullipAla #Jasmine #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #Aladdin #Disney #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp2


From the movie Atlantis - The Lost Empire

Kida ~ #pullip #PullipMIOKit #PullipMIOKitMocha #Kida #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #Atlantis #AtlantisTheLostEmpire #AtlantisKadonnutKaupunki #Disney #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp2


From the Movie Sleeping Beauty / Maleficent

I know you
I walked with you once upon a dream
I know you
That look in your eyes is so familiar, a gleam

Maleficent ~ #pullip #Pullip? #Maleficent #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #SleepingBeauty #PrinsessaRuusunen #Ruusunen #Disney #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp2


From the movie Hercules

Megara ~ #pullip #PullipMIOKit #PullipMIOKitNatural #Megara #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #Hercules #Herkules #Disney #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp2


From the movie Brave

"There are those who say fate is something beyond our command. That destiny is not our own, but I know better. Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it."

Merida ~ #pullip #PullipChloi #Merida #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #Brave #Urhea #Disney #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp2


From the movie Moana

  • Pullip MIO Kit Mocha
  • Chips: Custom @natmdolls
  • Wig: Leekeworld W073_L NaturalBlack 9-10
  • Purchased from: Pullip Style
  • Custom made by @infinite_dusk
Moana ~ #pullip #PullipMIOKit #PullipMIOKitMocha #Moana #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #Moana #Disney #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp2


From the movie Mulan

  • Pullip Akemi Homura
  • Chips: Custom @natmdolls
  • Wig: Luts DW-104 (Black) 9-10
  • SBH-S white 27cm Obitsu
  • Arrived 11.8.2018
  • Purchased as second hand
  • Basic dress by Anne-Mari Taskinen
Mulan ~ #pullip #PullipAkemiHomura #Mulan #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #Mulan #Disney #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp2


From the movie Pocahontas

  • Pullip MIO Kit Mocha
  • Chips: Custom @natmdolls
  • Wig: Leekeworld LR-015_L NaturalBlack 9-10
  • Purchased from: Pullip Style
  • Custom made by @infinite_dusk
Pocahontas ~ #pullip #PullipMIOKit #PullipMIOKitMocha #Pocahontas #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #Pocahontas #Disney #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp2


From the movie Tangled

"And at last I see the light and it's like the fog has lifted. And it's like the sky is new and it's warm and real and bright. And the world has somehow shifted. All at once everything looks different now that I see you"

  • Pullip Tomoe Mami
  • Chips: Custom by Frauke Spieker
  • Wig: Leekeworld MR-115 Goldenrod 8-9, cancan-jseries Josephina Di Venetia Brown wig (shortened) wig
  • SBH-M white 27cm Obitsu
  • Arrived 20.2.2018
  • Purchased as second hand
  • She has also Disney Tangled The Series Disney Store Doll winter Dress.
  • Basic dress made by @minamikazemi_
Rapunzel ~ #pullip #PullipTomoeMami #Rapunzel #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #Tangled #KaksinKarkuteillรค #Disney #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp2

Snow White

From the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


  • Pullip Fraulein
  • Chips: Cool Cat
  • Wig: Leekeworld LR-155_L NaturalBlack 9-10
  • SBH-S white 27cm Obitsu
  • Arrived 26.7.2018
  • Purchased as second hand


From the movie The Princess and the Frog

  • Pullip MIO Kit Mocha
  • Chips: Custom @natmdolls
  • Arrived 27.6.2019
  • Purchased from: Pullip Style
  • Custom made by @myheartdolls
Tiana ~ #pullip #PullipMIOKit #PullipMIOKitMocha #Tiana #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #ThePrincessandtheFrog #Prinsessajasammakko #Disney #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp2



She is a girl from the Wonderland who likes dreaming. The idea of her style is basically like "Cinderella who wants to be a princess". Poor girl who want to be a princess of her own life with what she has.

  • Pullip Romantic Alice Monochrome
  • Chips: Stock
  • Wig: Leekeworld W138_SilverMoon_P 8-9, Luts DW-104 (Black) 9-10
  • SBH-M white 27cm Obitsu
  • Arrived 3.7.2017
  • Purchased from: Mollamaniasta
  • My first Pullip doll
  • There's a variety of clothes, usually made by @blueskydolls
  • Shoes are Cool Cats laceboots and Monster High Frankie Steins heels
  • Scarf @crescent.doll
  • Knitting set @pullip_viviana
Aliisa ~ #pullip #PullipAlice #Alice #PullipMonochromeAlice #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #aliceinwonderland #alicesadventuresinwonderland #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp

Elli Olivia-Saara


  • Pullip EOS
  • Chips: Stock
  • Wig: Stock
  • SBH-S white 27cm Obitsu
  • Arrived 27.9.2018
  • Purchased as second hand
Elli Olivia-Saara ~ #pullip #PullipEOS #steampunk #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp2


Sneaky cat lady from the Wonderland who likes to play tricks.

  • Pullip Cheshire Cat in Steampunk World
  • Wig: Stock
  • SBH-S white 27cm Obitsu
  • Arrived 4.12.2017
  • Purchased from: Mollamania
  • Cool Cats brown chips
  • Stock clothes and shoes
Jessika ~ #pullip #PullipCheshireCat #PullipCheshireCatinSteampunkWorld #CheshireCat #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #aliceinwonderland #alicesadventuresinwonderland #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp



A sly fox lady, but gentle in nature. Like rowan berries a lot.


A grumpy bear lady, who has a golden heart. Likes cookies a lot.

  • Dal Melize
  • Chips: Stock
  • SBH-S white 23cm Obitsu
  • Purchased as second hand
  • Short brown wig
  • Added freckles



Little cutie

  • Little Pullip Black Diamond
  • Arrived 12.9.2017
  • Purchased as second hand
  • Everything is stock
Emma ~ #pullip #littlepullip #littlepullipblackdiamond #pullipdoll #pullipdolls #pullipsuomi #toyphotography #dollphotography #dollstagram #doll #nukke #nukkeilu #Suomi #Finland #gimp #gimp2


Little grumpy cutie

  • Little Dal Janice
  • Arrived 13.9.2018
  • Purchased as second hand
  • Everything is stock




Pure as the white milk. Miruku means milk in Japanese

  • Pang-ju Milk-Pang
  • Purchased as second hand
  • Arrived 7.9.2018
  • Two-color pink and blonde wig



Disney Infinity

  • Anna
  • Elsa
  • Rapunzel
  • Merida


Monster High

I have about 70 Monster High dolls. I have collected Monster High dolls since the beginning of 2015. My first doll was Original Basic Clawdeen Wolf. After her I got Gooliope Jellington and then I seem to have collected many more of them. In my collection I also have a Monster High Draculaura Collectors Doll. My doll collecting hobby started from these dolls because of their important statement: Everyone can be their true selves. Be Yourself, Be Unique, Be A Monster!

At the moment my favourite Monster High doll is Gooliope and Clawdeen comes second. I have many clothes and accessories for Gooliope and these days she hardly ever is in her stock-clothes. Mostly the clothes that aren't made by me, are made by the Lovely Director Yan (Etsy, Instagram).

Below is the list of Monster Highs -dolls that I own. The green badge tells which dolls I own in that series. Only those series are listed, of which I have at least one doll.

Name Year Image Info #
Clawdeen Wolf 2010 N5947
  Draculaura 2010 N5946
  Frankie Stein 2010 N5948
  Ghoulia Yelps 2010 R3708
  Holt Hyde 2010 V2324
Lagoona Blue 2010 P2673
Basic - 2-pack
  Cleo de Nile 2010
  Deuce Gorgon 2010
Dawn of the Dance - Wave 1
  Clawdeen Wolf 2010 T6069
  Cleo de Nile 2010 W2146
  Frankie Stein 2010 T6068
Dawn of the Dance - Wave 2
  Cleo de Nile 2011 W2146
  Deuce Gorgon 2011 W2147
  Ghoulia Yelps 2011 W2148
  Lagoona Blue 2011 W2145
Dawn of the Dance - 3-pack
  Clawdeen Wolf 2011 Walmart exclusive T6069
  Draculaura 2011 Walmart exclusive
  Frankie Stein 2011 Walmart exclusive T6068
Dawn of the Dance - Re-Release
  Cleo de Nile 2014 Less Accessories W2146
  Frankie Stein 2014 Less Accessories T6068
  Lagoona Blue 2014 Less Accessories W2145
Gloom Beach
  Clawdeen Wolf 2010 T7992
  Cleo de Nile 2010 T7990
  Draculaura 2010 T7993
  Frankie Stein 2010 T7988
  Jackson Jekyll 2010 T7991
Gloom Beach - 5-pack
  Clawdeen Wolf 2011 Target exclusive T7992
  Cleo de Nile 2011 Target exclusive T7990
  Draculaura 2011 Target exclusive T7993
  Frankie Stein 2011 Target exclusive T7988
  Ghoulia Yelps 2011 Target exclusive
Gloom Beach - Re-Release
  Clawdeen Wolf 2015 T7992
  Cleo de Nile 2015 T7990
  Frankie Stein 2015 T7988
School's Out
  Abbey Bominable 2011 V7988
  Clawdeen Wolf 2011 V7990
  Cleo de Nile 2011 V7991
  Frankie Stein 2011 V7989
  Lagoona Blue 2011 W2822
  Spectra Vondergeist 2011 V7962
School's Out - 2-pack
  Clawd Wolf 2011
  Draculaura 2011
Dead Tired - Wave 1
  Cleo de Nile 2011 V7974
  Draculaura 2011 X4515
  Frankie Stein 2011 V7975
  Ghoulia Yelps 2011 V7973
Dead Tired - Hydration Station
  Lagoona Blue 2011 BBR76
Dead Tired - Wave 2
  Abbey Bominable 2012 X6917
  Clawdeen Wolf 2012 X4516
  Draculaura 2012 X4515
Dead Tired - Wave 3
  Lagoona Blue 2013 BBR76
  Robecca Steam 2013 BBR77
  Spectra Vondergeist 2013 BBR78
Dead Tired - Re-Release
  Cleo de Nile 2015 Dead Tired Wave 1 Re-Release V7974
  Draculaura 2015 Dead Tired Wave 1 Re-Release X4515
  Frankie Stein 2015 Dead Tired Wave 1 Re-Release V7975
Killer Style - Wave 1
  Draculaura 2011 W4140
  Frankie Stein 2011 W4139
Killer Style - Wave 2
  Clawdeen Wolf 2012 X5107
  Operetta 2012 X5106
  Frankie Stein 2011 W2558
  Ghoulia Yelps 2011 W2557
  Lagoona Blue 2011 W2560
Classroom - Re-Release
  Frankie Stein 2012 Less Accessories W2558
  Ghoulia Yelps 2012 Less Accessories W2557
  Lagoona Blue 2012 Less Accessories W2560
Classroom - 2-pack
  Abbey Bominable 2012 Combined with Heath
Cleo de Nile 2012 Combined with Ghoulia
Ghoulia Yelps 2012 Combined with Cleo W2557
  Heath Burns 2012 Combined with Abbey
Go Monster High Team!!! - 3-pack
  Cleo de Nile 2011 Toys"R"Us exclusive
  Draculaura 2011 Toys"R"Us exclusive
  Ghoulia Yelps 2011 Toys"R"Us exclusive
  Meowlody 2013 Toys"R"Us exclusive
  Purrsephone 2013 Toys"R"Us exclusive
  Toralei Stripe 2013 Toys"R"Us exclusive
Campus Stroll
  Nefera de Nile 2012 W9115
  Operetta 2012 W9116
  Toralei Stripe 2011 W9117
Campus Stroll - 2-pack
  Clawdeen Wolf 2012 Walmart exclusive
  Howleen Wolf 2012 Walmart exclusive
Meowlody 2012 Toys"R"Us exclusive
Purrsephone 2012 Toys"R"Us exclusive
Skull Shores
Abbey Bominable 2011 W9184
Draculaura 2012 X3485
Frankie Stein 2012 Greyscale X0593
  Ghoulia Yelps 2011 W9181
  Gillington "Gil" Webber 2011
  Lagoona Blue 2011 W9182
Skull Shores - 5-pack
  Clawdeen Wolf 2012 Target exclusive
  Cleo de Nile 2012 Target exclusive
  Draculaura 2012 Target exclusive X3485
  Frankie Stein 2012 Target exclusive X0593
  Ghoulia Yelps 2012 Target exclusive W9181
Sweet 1600
  C.A. Cupid 2011 Walmart exclusive X3799
  Clawd Wolf 2011 W9192
  Clawdeen Wolf 2011 W9191
  Draculaura 2011 W9189
  Frankie Stein 2011 W9190
Sweet 1600 - Vehicle Playset
  Roadster 2011 X0592
Sweet 1600 - Re-Release
  Clawdeen Wolf 2013 Less Accessories W9191
  Draculaura 2013 Less Accessories W9189
  Frankie Stein 2013 Less Accessories W9190
Between Classes
  Jackson Jekyll 2012 X3649
  Robecca Steam 2012 X3652
  Rochelle Goyle 2012 X3650
  Venus McFlytrap 2012 X3651
Dot Dead Gorgeous
  Lagoona Blue 2012 X4530
  Operetta 2012 X4529
  Spectra Vondergeist 2012 X4531
Dot Dead Gorgeous - 3-pack
  Abbey Bominable 2012 Walmart exclusive
  Draculaura 2012 Walmart exclusive
  Ghoulia Yelps 2012 Walmart exclusive
Ghouls Rule
  Abbey Bominable 2012 Walmart exclusive Y0366
  Clawdeen Wolf 2012 X3715
  Cleo de Nile 2012 X3718
  Draculaura 2012 X3716
  Frankie Stein 2012 X3714
I Heart Fashion
  Abbey Bominable 2012 Toys"R"Us exclusive X4492
  Clawdeen Wolf 2013 Toys"R"Us exclusive BBR85
  Cleo de Nile 2014 Toys"R"Us exclusive BHM98
  Djinni "Whisp" Grant 2016 Toys"R"Us exclusive
  Frankie Stein 2012 Toys"R"Us exclusive X4491
  Iris Clops 2015 Toys"R"Us exclusive CKD73
  Scarah Screams 2013 Toys"R"Us exclusive BBR86
  Venus McFlytrap 2014 Toys"R"Us exclusive BHM99
  Wydowna Spider 2014 Toys"R"Us exclusive CBX44
Skultimate Roller Maze
  Abbey Bominable 2012 Y8349
  Clawdeen Wolf 2012 Y8350
  Frankie Stein 2012 X3672
  Ghoulia Yelps 2012 X3675
  Lagoona Blue 2012 X3673
  Operetta 2012 X3674
Skultimate Roller Maze - 2-pack
  Abbey Bominable 2012 Kmart exclusive Y8349
  Ghoulia Yelps 2012 Kmart exclusive X3675
Scarily Ever After
  Clawdeen Wolf 2012 Dressed as Little Dead Riding Wolf X4485
  Draculaura 2012 Dressed as Snow Bite X4484
  Frankie Stein 2012 Dressed as Threadarella X4486
Dance Class
  Howleen Wolf 2012 Y0431
  Lagoona Blue 2012 Y0434
  Operetta 2012 Y0433
  Robecca Steam 2012 Y0432
Dance Class - 5-pack
  Gillington "Gil" Webber 2013
  Lagoona Blue 2013 Y0434
  Operetta 2013 Y0433
  Robecca Steam 2013 Y0432
  Rochelle Goyle 2013
Scaris: City of Frights - Deluxe Dolls
  Clawdeen Wolf 2012 Y0379
  Frankie Stein 2012 Y0380
  Jinafire Long 2012 Y0378
  Rochelle Goyle 2012 Y0379
  Skelita Calaveras 2012 Y0377
Scaris: City of Frights - Budget Dolls
  Abbey Bominable 2012 Y0393
  Catrine DeMew 2013 Walmart exclusive Y7295
  Deuce Gorgon 2012 Y0395
  Draculaura 2012 Y0396
  Ghoulia Yelps 2012 Y0394
Scaris: City of Frights - 2-pack
  Cleo de Nile 2013 Toys"R"Us exclusive
  Lagoona Blue 2013 Toys"R"Us exclusive
Scaris: City of Frights - Playset
  Cafรƒยฉ Cart 2013
  Convertible 2013 Y4307
Picture Day - Wave 1
  Abbey Bominable 2012
  Cleo de Nile 2012
  Draculaura 2012
  Spectra Vondergeist 2012
Picture Day - Wave 2
  Frankie Stein 2013
  Lagoona Blue 2013
  Operetta 2013
Ghoul's Alive!
  Clawdeen Wolf 2012
  Deuce Gorgon 2014 CBL24
  Frankie Stein 2012
  Robecca Steam 2014
  Spectra Vondergeist 2012
  Toralei Stripe 2014 CBL25
Power Ghouls
  Clawdeen Wolf 2013 Target exclusive Y7299
  Frankie Stein 2013 Target exclusive BBR88
  Spectra Vondergeist 2013 Target exclusive Y7300
  Toralei Stripe 2013 Target exclusive Y7301
Make a Splash - Wave 1
  Draculaura 2013 Y7303
  Lagoona Blue 2013 Y7305
  Venus McFlytrap 2013 Y7304
Make a Splash - Wave 2
  Frankie Stein 2013 Justice exclusive BBR80
  Holt Hyde 2013 Justice exclusive BBR82
  Rochelle Goyle 2013 Justice exclusive BBR81
Make a Splash - Wave 3
  Clawdeen Wolf 2014 Justice exclusive CBX54
  Jinafire Long 2014 Justice exclusive CBX56
  Spectra Vondergeist 2014 Justice exclusive CBX55
Ghoul's Night Out
  Lagoona Blue 2013
  Rochelle Goyle 2013
  Spectra Vondergeist 2013
Ghoul's Night Out - 4-pack
  Clawdeen Wolf 2013 Walmart exclusive
  Ghoulia Yelps 2013 Walmart exclusive
  Rochelle Goyle 2013 Walmart exclusive
  Venus McFlytrap 2013 Walmart exclusive
Music Festival
  Abbey Bominable 2013 Y7695
  Clawdeen Wolf 2013 Y7693
  Venus McFlytrap 2013 Y7694
Music Festival - 2-pack
  Clawd Wolf 2013 Kmart exclusive
  Draculaura 2013 Kmart exclusive
13 Wishes
  Gigi Grant 2013 Y7709
  Howleen Wolf 2013 Y7710
  Lagoona Blue 2013 Freshwater Version BBV48
  Twyla 2013 Y7708
13 Wishes - Desert Frights Oasis
  Cleo de Nile 2013
13 Wishes - Party Lounge
  Spectra Vondergeist 2013
13 Wishes - Haunt the Casbah
  Abbey Bominable 2013 Walmart exclusive
  Clawdeen Wolf 2013
  Draculaura 2013
  Frankie Stein 2013
I Heart Shoes
  Cleo de Nile 2013 BBR92
  Draculaura 2013 BBR91
Art Class
  Abbey Bominable 2013 BDF13
  Draculaura 2013 BDF12
  Robecca Steam 2013 BDD79
  Skelita Calaveras 2013 BDF14
Frights, Camera, Action! - Hauntlywood
  Clawdia Wolf 2013
  Elissabat 2013
  Honey Swamp 2013
  Operetta 2013 Walmart exclusive
  Viperine Gorgon 2013
Frights, Camera, Action! - Black Carpet
  Clawdeen Wolf 2013
  Cleo de Nile 2013
  Draculaura 2013
  Lagoona Blue 2013
Frights, Camera, Action! - Playset
  Dressing Room 2013 BDD90
  Premiere Party 2013 BDD91
New Scaremester - Wave 1
  Catrine DeMew 2013
  Clawdeen Wolf 2013
  Jinafire Long 2013
New Scaremester - Wave 2
  Catty Noir 2014
  Gigi Grant 2014
  Invisi Billy 2014
  Twyla 2014
Ghoul Spirit
  Frankie Stein 2013 BDF08
  Sloman "Slo Mo" Mortavitch 2013
  Spectra Vondergeist 2013 BDF10
  Venus McFlytrap 2013 BDF09
Sweet Screams - Wave 1
  Draculaura 2013 Target exclusive BHN01
  Frankie Stein 2013 Target exclusive BHN02
Sweet Screams - Wave 2
  Abbey Bominable 2014 Target exclusive CBX45
  Ghoulia Yelps 2014 Target exclusive CBX46
Coffin Bean - Wave 1
  Abbey Bominable 2014 BHN05
  Frankie Stein 2014 BHN04
  Toralei Stripe 2014 BHN06
Coffin Bean - Wave 2
  Robecca Steam 2014 CBX48
  Twyla 2014 CBX49
  Venus McFlytrap 2014 CBX50
Picnic Casket for 2 - 2-pack
  Frankie Stein 2014
  Jackson Jekyll 2014
Zombie Shake - 2-pack
  Meowlody 2014 Combined with Purrsephone
  Purrsephone 2014 Combined with Meowlody
  Rochelle Goyle 2014 Combined with Venus
  Venus McFlytrap 2014 Combined with Rochelle
  Cleo de Nile 2014 BJM18
  Draculaura 2014 BJM19
  Howleen Wolf 2014 BJM20
Creepateria - Playset
  Cleo de Nile 2014 Combined with Howleen Wolf BJM18
  Howleen Wolf 2014 Combined with Cleo de Nile BJM20
Ghoul Sports
  Clawdeen Wolf 2014 BJR12
  Spectra Vondergeist 2014 BJR13
  Toralei Stripe 2014 BJR14
Freaky Fusion - Hybrids
Avea Trotter 2014
  Bonita Femur 2014
Sirena Von Boo 2014
Freaky Fusion - Freaky Fusions
  Clawvenus 2014 Hybdrid of Clawdeen and Venus
  Cleolei 2014 Hybrid of Cleo and Toralei
  Dracubecca 2014 Hybdrid of Draculaura and Robecca
  Lagoonafire 2014 Hybrid of Jinafire and Lagoona
  Neighthan Rot 2014
Freaky Fusion - Recharge Chamber
  Frankie Stein 2014
Freaky Fusion - Fusion-Inspired Ghouls
  Frankie Stein 2014 Dressed as Clawdeen Wolf
Ghoulia Yelps 2014 Dressed as Draculaura
  Operetta 2014 Dressed as Frankie Stein
  Scarah Screams 2014 Dressed as Toralei
Freaky Fusion - Save Frankie!
  Clawdeen Wolf 2014
  Draculaura 2014
  Jackson Jekyll 2014
Freaky Fusion - Catacombs Playset
  Catacombs 2014 BJR18
We are Monster High - 5-pack
  Cleo de Nile 2014
  Gilda Goldstag 2014
  Lagoona Blue 2014
  Scarah Screams 2014
  Sloman "Slo Mo" Mortavitch 2014
Mansters - 2-pack
  Deuce Gorgon 2014 Toys"R"Us exclusive
  Gillington "Gil" Webber 2014 Toys"R"Us exclusive
I Heart Accessories
  Operetta 2014 CBX73
  Skelita Calaveras 2014 CBX72
Ghoul Chat - 2-pack
  Catrine DeMew 2014 Kmart exclusive
  Rochelle Goyle 2014 Kmart exclusive
A Pack of Trouble - 4-pack
  Clawd Wolf 2014 Walmart exclusive
  Clawdeen Wolf 2014 Walmart exclusive
  Clawdia Wolf 2014 Walmart exclusive
  Howleen Wolf 2014 Walmart exclusive
Monster Exchange Program
  Draculaura 2014
  Lagoona Blue 2014
Lorna McNessie 2014
  Marisol Coxi 2014
Freaky Field Trip
  Clawdeen Wolf 2014 CFC76
  Gigi Grant 2014 CFC75
  Toralei Stripe 2014 CFC77
Gloom and Bloom
  Catrine DeMew 2014 CDC08
  Cleo de Nile 2014 Target exclusive CGH94
  Jane Boolittle 2014 CDC06
  Jinafire Long 2014 Target exclusive CGH95
  Venus McFlytrap 2014 CDC07
Geek Shriek - Wave 1
  Abbey Bominable 2014 CGG93
  Frankie Stein 2014 CGG94
  Howleen Wolf 2014 CGG95
Geek Shriek - Wave 2
  Catty Noir 2015 CKD79
  Ghoulia Yelps 2015 CKD78
  Gigi Grant 2015 CKD80
Haunted - Student Spirits
Kiyomi Haunterly 2014
  Porter "Paintergeist" Geiss 2014
River Styxx 2014
Rochelle Goyle 2014 Walmart exclusive
Vandala Doubloons 2014
Haunted - Getting Ghostly
Clawdeen Wolf 2014
Draculaura 2014
Spectra Vondergeist 2014
Twyla 2014
Original Ghouls Collection
Clawdeen Wolf 2014
Cleo de Nile 2014
Draculaura 2014
Frankie Stein 2014
Original Ghouls Collection - 6-pack
  Clawdeen Wolf 2015 Combined with 5 other dolls
  Cleo de Nile 2015 Combined with 5 other dolls
  Draculaura 2015 Combined with 5 other dolls
  Frankie Stein 2015 Combined with 5 other dolls
  Ghoulia Yelps 2015 Combined with 5 other dolls
  Lagoona Blue 2015 Combined with 5 other dolls
Love in Scaris - 2-pack
  Garrott du Roque 2015 Toys"R"Us exclusive
  Rochelle Goyle 2015 Toys"R"Us exclusive
Ghoulebrities in Londoom - 3-pack
  Catty Noir 2015
  Elissabat 2015
  Viperine Gorgon 2015
Boo York, Boo York - City Schemes
Catty Noir 2015
Nefera de Nile 2015
Boo York, Boo York - Gala Ghoulfriends
  Elle Eedee 2015
Luna Mothews 2015
Mouscedes King 2015
Boo York, Boo York - Comet-Crossed Couple
Cleo de Nile 2015
Deuce Gorgon 2015
Boo York, Boo York - Frightseers
Clawdeen Wolf 2015
Draculaura 2015
Operetta 2015
Boo York, Boo York - City Ghouls
  Elle Eedee 2015 3-pack
  Luna Mothews 2015 3-pack
  Mouscedes King 2015 3-pack
Boo York, Boo York - Out-of-Tombers
  Catty Noir 2015 3-pack
  Clawdeen Wolf 2015 3-pack
  Draculaura 2015 3-pack
Boo York, Boo York - Floatation Station
Astranova 2015
Wheel Love - 2-pack
  Gillington "Gil" Webber 2015 Combined with Lagoona
  Lagoona Blue 2015 Combined with Gil
Freak Du Chic
Frankie Stein 2015 CHX98
Honey Swamp 2015 CHX93
Jinafire Long 2015 CHX96
Toralei Stripe 2015 CHX99
Freak Du Chic - Noir
Clawdeen Wolf 2015 Target exclusive
Twyla 2015 Target exclusive
Freak Du Chic - 17 Inch Doll
Gooliope Jellington 2015 CHW59
Freak Du Chic - Circus Scaregrounds
Rochelle Goyle 2015
Ghoul Fair
  Elissabat 2015 CHW71
  Heath Burns 2015 CHW72
  Howleen Wolf 2015 CHW70
  Scarah Screams 2015 CHW73
  Clawd Wolf 2015
  Draculaura 2015
  Skelita Calaveras 2015
Gore-Geous Accessories
  Honey Swamp 2015 CKD10
  Robecca Steam 2015 CKD09
Fangtastic Fitness
  Catrine DeMew 2015 CHW76
  Lagoona Blue 2015 CHW75
  Venus McFlytrap 2015 CHW77
Wheelin' Werecats
  Meowlody 2015 Combined with Purrsephone
  Purrsephone 2015 Combined with Meowlody
Frightfully Tall
  Clawdeen Wolf 2015 17 Inch Tall
  Draculaura 2015 17 Inch Tall
  Elissabat 2015 17 Inch Tall
  Frankie Stein 2015 17 Inch Tall
Maul Monsteristas - 5-pack
  Clawdeen Wolf 2015
  Draculaura 2015
  Gigi Grant 2015
  Invisi Billy 2015
  Spectra Vondergeist 2015
Love's Not Dead - 2-pack
  Ghoulia Yelps 2015 Combined with Slo Mo
  Sloman "Slo Mo" Mortavitch 2015 Combined with Ghoulia
Scare & Makeup - 2-pack
  Clawdeen Wolf 2015
  Viperine Gorgon 2015
Brand-Boo Students
  Batsy Claro 2016 G2 Re-Release
  Isi Dawndancer 2015
  Kjersti Trollson 2016 G2 Re-Release
Great Scarrier Reef - Down Under Ghouls
Kala Mer'ri 2015
Posea Reef 2015
Great Scarrier Reef - Hissters
Peri and Pearl Serpentine 2015
Great Scarrier Reef - Glowsome Ghoulfish
  Clawdeen Wolf 2015 Walmart exclusive
  Draculaura 2015 Walmart exclusive
  Frankie Stein 2015
Lagoona Blue 2015
Toralei Stripe 2015
Ghouls Getaway
  Elissabat 2015
  Jane Boolittle 2015
  Jinafire Long 2015
  Meowlody 2015
  Spectra Vondergeist 2015
Fierce Rockers - 2-pack
  Catty Noir 2016
  Toralei Stripe 2016
Fierce Rockers - 3-pack
  Clawdeen Wolf 2016
  Jinafire Long 2016
  Venus McFlytrap 2016
Budget Basic
  Clawdeen Wolf 2015 Less Articulation
  Draculaura 2015 Less Articulation
  Frankie Stein 2015 Less Articulation
  Gigi Grant 2015 Less Articulation
Budget Sleepover
  Clawdeen Wolf 2015 Less Articulation
  Draculaura 2015 Less Articulation
  Frankie Stein 2015 Less Articulation
Designer Booo-Tique
  Frankie Stein 2015 Less Articulation
Beast Bites Cafรƒยฉ
  Draculaura 2015 Less Articulation
Beach Beasties
  Draculaura 2015 "Make a Splash" Re-Release
  Lagoona Blue 2015 "Make a Splash" Re-Release
  Venus McFlytrap 2015 "Make a Splash" Re-Release
Self-standing Signature
  Amanita Nightshade 2015
  C.A. Cupid 2012
  Casta Fierce 2014
  Catty Noir 2013
  Finnegan Wake 2015
  Headless Headmistress Bloodgood 2013 Combined with Nightmare
  Jane Boolittle 2013
  Nightmare 2013
Collectors Edition
  Abbey Bominable 0
  Cleo de Nile 0 Combined with Ghoulia Yelps
Draculaura 2015
  Ghoulia Yelps 0 Combined with Cleo de Nile
  Skelita Calaveras 0
San Diego Comic Con - SDCC 2010
  Frankie Stein 2010 Greyscale R0711
San Diego Comic Con - SDCC 2011
  Ghoulia Yelps 2011 Dressed as her OC Ms. Dead Fast V7964
San Diego Comic Con - SDCC 2012
  Hoodude Voodoo 2012 2-pack
  Scarah Screams 2012 2-pack
San Diego Comic Con - SDCC 2013
  Wydowna Spider 2013 Y7307
San Diego Comic Con - SDCC 2014
  Iris Clops 2014 2-pack
  Manny Taur 2014 2-pack
San Diego Comic Con - SDCC 2015
  Djinni "Whisp" Grant 2015 2-pack
  Kieran Valentine 2015 2-pack
San Diego Comic Con - SDCC 2016
  Frankie Stein 2016 Reboot Style, Ghostbusters Themed R0711
  Hexiciah Steam 2016 2-pack
  Robecca Steam 2016 2-pack
Fright-Mares - Wave 1
  Aery Evenfall 2015
  Bay Tidechaser 2015
  Frets Quartzmane 2015
  Pyxis Prepstockings 2015
Fright-Mares - Wave 2
  Fawntine Fallowhart 2015
  Flara Blaze 2015
  Penepole Steamtail 2015
  Skyra Bouncegait 2015
Fright-Mares - Wave 3
  Caprice Whimcanter 2015
  Olympia Wingfield 2015
Fright-Mares - Wave 4
  Meadoe Flurry 2016
  Merry Trotabout 2016
G1 Fashion Packs - Scream Uniform
  Clawdeen Wolf 2010
  Deuce Gorgon 2010
  Frankie Stein 2010
  Lagoona Blue 2010
G1 Fashion Packs - Day at the Maul
  Clawdeen Wolf 2011
  Draculaura 2011
  Frankie Stein 2011
G1 Fashion Packs - School Clubs
  Abbey Bominable 2011
  Clawdeen Wolf 2011
  Draculaura 2011
  Ghoulia Yelps 2011
G1 Fashion Packs - Maul Session Wave 1
  Cleo de Nile 2012
  Frankie Stein 2012
  Spectra Vondergeist 2012
  Toralei Stripe 2012
G1 Fashion Packs - Maul Session Wave 2
  Abbey Bominable 2012
  Clawdeen Wolf 2012
  Lagoona Blue 2012
  Operetta 2012
G1 Fashion Packs - Basic Fashion Packs
  Abbey Bominable 2012
  Draculaura 2012
  Lagoona Blue 2012
  Spectra Vondergeist 2012
G1 Fashion Packs - Deluxe Fashion Packs
  Frankie Stein 2012
  Ghoulia Yelps 2012
  Operetta 2012
  Robecca Steam 2012
G1 Playsets
  "Floating" Bed 2013 Spectra Themed
  Art Class Studio 2013
Bed 2012 Abbey Themed
  Deadluxe High School 2015
  High School 2012
  Home-Ick Classroom 2013
  Jewelry Box Coffin 2010 Draculaura Themed
  Mirror Bed 2010 Frankie Stein Themed
Powder Room 2012
  Scooter 2012
  Shower 2013 Lagoona Themed
  Vanity 2012 Frankie Themed
G1 Playsets - Room to Howl
  Clawdeen Wolf 2011 Clawdeen Themed
G1 Playsets - Powder Room
  Draculaura 2012 Comes with Powder Room
G1 Playsets - Scooter
Ghoulia Yelps 2012 Comes with Scooter
G1 Playsets - Coffin Bean Playset
  Clawdeen Wolf 2012 Combined with Draculaura
  Draculaura 2012 Combined with Clawdeen
G1 Playsets - Roadster
  Draculaura 2012 Re-Release of Sweet 1600 Roadster
G1 Playsets - Die-Ner
  Draculaura 2013 Combined with Operetta
  Operetta 2013 Combined with Draculaura
G1 Playsets - Jewelry Box Coffin
  Draculaura 2013 Re-Release of the Jewelry Box
G1 Playsets - The Draculocker
  Draculaura 2014
Social Spots - Playset
  Creepateria 2014 BJR20
  Student Lounge 2014 BJR21
Create-a-Monster - Starter Pack
  Cat & Witch 2012
  Gargoyle & Vampire 2012
  Ice & Blob 2012
  Mummy & Gorgon 2012
  Vampire & Sea Monster 2012 Re-Release, Contains Extra Torso
  Werewolf & Dragon 2012 Re-Release, Contains Extra Torso
Create-a-Monster - Add-on Pack
  Ghost 2012
  Harpy 2012
  Insect 2011
  Puma 2012
  Siren 2012
  Skeleton 2011
  Three-Eyed Ghoul 2011
Create-a-Monster - Deluxe Pack
  Skultimate Set 2013
Create-a-Monster - Torso Pack
  Torso's 2012 MattelShop exclusive
Create-a-Monster - Design Lab, Playset
  Design Lab 2012
Create-a-Monster - Design Lab, Add-on Pack
  Mystical 2012
  Noctural 2012
Create-a-Monster - Color me Creepy, Playset
  Design Chamber 2013
Create-a-Monster - Color me Creepy, Starter Pack
  Sea Monster 2013
  Werewolf 2013
Create-a-Monster - Color me Creepy, Add-on Pack
  Sea Monster 2013
  Werewolf 2013
Inner Monster - Starter Pack
  Fangtastic Love & Fearfully Feisty 2014
  Shockingly Shy & Scared Silly 2014
  Spooky Sweet & Frightfully Fierce 2014
Inner Monster - Add-on Pack
  Fearfully Feisty 2014
  Scared Silly 2014
  Spooky Sweet 2014
Inner Monster - Deluxe Pack
  Shivering Sad & Eek Excited & Hauntingly Happy 2014
Monster Maker - Playset
  Monster Maker 2015 BLT07
Monster Maker - Add-on Pack
  Primary Extension Pack 2015
Secret Creepers - Crypt Playset
  Crescent 2013
Secret Creepers - Pets Wave 1
  Shiver 2014
  Sir Hoots A Lot 2014
  Watzit 2014
Secret Creepers - Pets Wave 2
  Cushion 2014
  Sweet Fangs 2014
Secret Creepers - Critters Wave 1
  Azura 2014
  Captain Penny 2014
  Count Fabulous 2014
  Hissette 2014
  Neptuna 2014
Secret Creepers - Critters Wave 2
  Chewlian 2014
  Dustin 2014
  Count Fabulous 2010 T7999
  Neptuna 2010 T8000
  Watzit 2010 T7998
Monster Cross - 2-pack
  Count Fabulous 2010 Combined with Watzit
  Crescent 2010 Combined with Hissette
  Hissette 2010 Combined with Crescent
  Watzit 2010 Combined with Count Fabulous
How do you Boo
  Deadluxe High School 0
How do you Boo - First Day of School Wave 1
  Ari Hauntington 0
  Draculaura 0
  Frankie Stein 0
How do you Boo - First Day of School Wave 2
  Clawdeen Wolf 0
  Cleo de Nile 0